Bob Saget Officially In for Netflix Original ‘Fuller House’

bob saget new full house

Bob Saget, aka Danny Tanner from Full House, or as many people learned over the last decade, a really dirty comedian, will be joining the Netflix original remake of Full house, ‘Fuller House.’

While last week’s news that the Olsen Twins wouldn’t be participating in the remake didn’t really surprise too many people, Bob Saget was still mysteriously silent as to whether or not he would be participating. John Stamos did comment that he was confident Saget would join, which was confirmed today on Twitter.

It would have been hard to imagine a Full House reboot without OCD father Danny Tanner somewhere in the show. Even if he takes on a lesser role (circulating rumors make it sound as if DJ’s family will be the focus), most fans should be satisfied. It did seem as if this project would be missing a major element without him.

Not everyone is as excited for ‘Fuller House’ as some folks with dissenting opinions argue that the original show was not as good as we all remember. Others arguing that the series should really be left untouched.

Regardless, it’s happening, so we’ll all get to see how this one turns out. No word yet on a premiere date.