Bill Nye The Science Guy Streaming on Netflix (Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!)

bill nye on netflix

Think back to middle school when you’d walk into the classroom and see the ever-famous television cart sitting in front of the classroom. You knew what was coming right? You’d sit down in your chair, the soft rumbling of excitement rolling from desk to desk, students whispering back and forth. But nobody wanted to speak too loudly on the off chance your teacher might change their mind.

They get up from their desk in the back of the room, walk slowly to the front of the class, flip the lights down low. The squeals from other class members now barely contained. Your teacher walks to the TV cart, puts something into the VCR and hits play.

Before you know it…


These were always my favorite days in elementary school, where everyone’s favorite scientist would take center stage, with countless fun experiments, parody songs with scientific themes, and lots of semi-crude jokes that could make any sixth grader crack up in their seat.

We’ve got some great news for you this week as Bill Nye The Science Guy is now streaming instantly on Netflix. 31 episodes covering most major scientific topics. Sure, it might be in the “kids” section on Netflix, but we certainly won’t judge you if you opt to stream a few yourself, certainly no shame in that.