Not as soon as expected, Better Call Saul on Netflix early 2016

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This is could be looked at as either good news or bad news depending on how patient of a person you are.

The good news naturally being that Better Call Saul will be on US and Canadian Netflix in the future. But I suppose we all knew that. The bad news, is that to most this will likely feel like a bit of a delay (or a non-existent delay, but just the truth that squashes a rumor). Personally, I’m going to say it’s kind of in the realm of bad news because I can be somewhat of an entitled streamer when it comes to getting my favorite TV shows handed to me on a silver platter by my favorite services as soon as possible.

Ok, to the point… Netflix won’t be getting Better Call Saul as early as fans had originally thought. Jim Maiella, AMC’s SVP of Corporate Communication confirmed with me that the earliest we’re going to see Better Call Saul on US Netflix is late January / early February 2016:

There were several rumors floating around the web that had slated Better Call Saul for a mid 2015 Netflix release immediately following the first season’s finale, but as with all things rumored on the internet, this one never materialized.

I think where the initial confusion arose was when Netflix announced that Better Call Saul would be available on Netflix after each episode aired on AMC the day following… except not in the US or Canada. This rapid availability has likely caused a spike in VPN offerings which allow Netflix users to fake their locations, thus putting them in regions capable of breaking down the walls of their actual location and streaming freely from countries such as The Netherlands or France, where the content libraries are vastly different (but honestly, most Netflix users use it to get INTO the expansive US catalog, just with rare exceptions).

Regardless, the second season of Better Call Saul will be on AMC come early 2016 as well, giving Netflix subscribers an approximate two week window between it being released to stream and having the second season premiere on AMC. In other words, I laugh at the challenge of needing two weeks to binge watch a full season of a show, and plan on doing so at that time.

Here’s where you can watch Better Call Saul online.

Watch the Better Call Saul trailer below: