Battlestar Galactica Now Streaming on Hulu

Battlestar-galactica-streamingWhen Netflix removed Battlestar Galactica from their library last year many fans were left saying “What the frack?!” While many of the true BSG fans out there probably own the series in disc form we assume that some of you casuals out there enjoyed streaming the show on Netflix before they removed it. Well, today Netflix’ arch-rival Hulu has your back because we can now confirm that Battlestar Galactica (the newer version from 2004) is available to all paying Hulu customers.

That’s right. 78 episodes of some of the ebst science fiction ever put onto the silver screen. If you enjoyed Star Trek (particularly Deep Space Nine) then you’d probably enjoy BSG as well. So tell your friends who love the show or bring in someone new who’s just been waiting for a convenient way to stream Battlestar Galactica. It couldn’t get much easier than this.

At least one of the feature length movies is also available on Hulu but it doesn’t look like the complete package is there just yet. Start with the main series episodes and wish on a lucky star that the other movies will appear on Netflix or Hulu in the coming months.

The world of streaming copyright ownership is a fickle beast indeed. Rest assured this ‘has happened before and it will all happen again’.