Another Rumor of Disney Buying Netflix Has Popped Up

disney streaming service

Netflix has a major partnership just starting to spread its wings with everyone’s favorite movie maker, Disney.

In the coming years, the streaming services will see several major Disney titles released for all Netflix subscribers to stream, as the two reached an agreement all the way back in 2012 that is just now coming into play.

But another big rumor has been circulating this week, that Disney might be looking to take a swing at buying the streaming service outright, in a move that would bring unprecedented scale to the movie giant.

Netflix has around 80 million subscribers globally, and if Disney wants to make a play in the streaming market, this would certainly be one big way to do so. While of course the deal wouldn’t be cheap, Netflix’s current market cap is around $50 billion, having the world’s largest streaming service under their umbrella certainly wouldn’t hurt.

This isn’t the first time that rumors of such a deal have come up, with reports earlier this year that Disney was looking to buy the streaming service.

Another interesting piece of news circulating around this deal is that Reed Hastings, the current CEO of Netflix might actually be tapped as CEO of Disney in a few years, if this deal takes place. Hastings has built Netflix from the ground up, so it would certainly seem likely he has experience enough to run another one of the world’s largest entertainment companies.