If watching millionaires hit the rails, double down on a pair of aces or go all in when they have nothing to lose is your type of action then you’re a poker fan. While there is no shortage of cable television channels broadcasting live poker tournaments and reruns, it’s not always a good idea. Why in the world you would want to pay for a hundred channels when you just watch poker? That’s where watching for next to nothing online comes in.

Fortunately, there are many official poker websites that allow you to watch poker online. Not all of them are necessarily good. We’ve weeded through all the confusion to bring you the zero frustration solution.

Stream Some Poker Games on Twitch TV

Let’s face it Twitch is the single best place to stream and watch just about any poker event for free. You get to watch everything from charity events to online poker games with players that have names you’ll need to practice pronouncing. But this is a cheapo poker fan’s paradise. Though I’ll warn you that you’ll not be able to stream the WSOP or any other major tournament here though you may be lucky enough to watch reruns a week later. Consider this the indie scene of poker….but its free!

Sling TV Slings Poker Like Nolan Ryan

Sling TV has the best, live and cheap poker action. Unlike the solutions above you pay for the privilege but it’s worth it because you can stream poker events to your iPad and Android device. You also don’t have to wade through lots of advertising. This is because you get both ESPN and ESPN2, which broadcasts many of the matches you’re probably looking for.

At $20 bucks a month its cheap and you get to watch just about every sports channel in North America you can think of, so there is no sporting event you’re going to miss with Sling.

Head over there now to check it out and sign up for the free seven day trial.

Try Sling Now Free for 7 Days


Watch the European Poker Tour Online

The official website of the tour and the second best thing to finding a live stream. Though there are live streams of the event. However, you’ll have to resist the need to break the computer each time you’re asked to sign up and play. Plus, the stream is heart-wrenchingly laggy at times. But it’s free and sometimes live, so perfect for a cheapo solution for a poker fan who finds himself cash-stricken.


Other Free and Illegal Poker Streaming Options

If you Google “live Poker online channels’, you’re bound to come across third party, foreign websites that stream live channels which happen to be broadcasting poker. The drawback is that you’ll be bombarded with ads, viruses, and Trojans. There is also a good chance of the FBI breaking down your door for breaching copyright laws. So, I’d personally stay away from it unless you’re so desperate for poker and so out of money that this is the only way to get your fix.

See you at the poker table! Hope this helps you save enough money to play a few hands.