Now that we have left Super Bowl 51 in the dust, it’s time to look towards the 2017 NFL Draft. The most talented players from collegiate ranks joist for a chance to play the next season. A total of 253 players are scheduled to be selected, and the Browns will kick off the draft with their overall pick but only assuming that they don’t end up trading it away. The most picks this season are in the hands of the 48ers and Jaguars, with the Texans and Dolphins getting just five.

Apparently, all fans want to watch the NFL draft, but not everyone can take a day off from work for it. So, below is how you can stream the event live online!

Watch NFL Draft 2017 Online Using the Official NFL Now App

The NFL Network is scheduled to broadcast the NFL Draft 2017. So, most people with a subscription to the NFL Network should be able to watch the event at home. However, subscribers who can’t afford to stick around at home can also stream via the NFL Now app. The app requires subscribers to login with their credentials. Though you can always beg and borrow the credentials if you don’t have cable, but we have other ways of streaming the NFL Draft that are not as detrimental to your self-respect!

Live Stream NFL Draft 2017 Online with Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the best ways to stream the NFL Draft live online. The service streams ESPN and the NFL Network both of which will air the 2017 NFL Draft. What’s more is the fact that ESPN is part of the service’s basic package which starts at $20 a month. The Sling TV app for iOS and Android devices means that you can for all intents and purposes stream the draft from anywhere!

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Stream the NFL Draft 2017 with DIRECTV NOW

DIRECTV NOW is another live streaming service which is similar to Sling TV. The basic package which starts at $35 a month does include ESPN, and you can always add the NFL Network if you’re a football fan. Since AT&T owns the service, they do not bill you for the data used up when streaming. So, you can stream the draft in its entirety without having to worry about your depleted bank account.

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Other Methods of Streaming the NFL Draft Online and Free

We are not aware of any free methods of streaming the draft. But even if we did we wouldn’t tell you because then we’d be advocating piracy which means jail time. The same goes for anyone who attempts to use free which is another word for illegal methods of streaming the draft! So, it’s better you pay a few bucks to watch it or head on over to the nearest sports bar.